Marucci Team Utility Duffel Bag

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Marucci Team Utility Duffel Bag

Marucci Team Utility Duffel Bag

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Marucci Team Utility Duffel Bag

The Marucci Hybrid duffel bag is one of the best baseball equipment bags on the market today. A baseball duffel bag is one of the classics look of the game. Just like the natural color of a wood bat, a baseball duffel bag has been the bag since baseball became a professional game. The duffel bag was the only bag for many decades and it has gotten the job done. They have also altered these Marucci bat bags to make them even better and customize them to fit all teams needs. In addition, the bag comes in four different colors to make it accessible to every team. This Marucci team duffel bag comes in black, red, navy blue, and the new stylish USA color combination. All of these colors have almost every team color covered and the black bag can be accessible to every team, due to the fact black matches with everything. So grab your Marucci Hybrid duffel bag from Baseball Bargains today!

Marucci Baseball Duffel Bag

Some features to mention about this Marucci baseball duffel bag include the use of  ballistic nylon shell. The nylon shell is a great material and they have been able to use this material to make a great baseball duffle bag. These Marucci bat bags are very durable and will last you for seasons to come. This duffel bag is able to hold two bats in separate compartments of the bag. Marucci made these bags very easy to carry. There is a padded shoulder strap included. An under rated feature is the ventilated cleat compartment. This keeps your cleats away from your gear so it doesn't get dirty and your baseball bag doesn't start to smell. The compartment is a great addition to these already great Marucci bat bags.

Marucci Bat Bags Features:

  • External sleeves carry up to two bats
  • Buckle strap to hang batter’s guards or helmet
  • Internal zipper pouch for valuables
  • Dedicated cleat compartment
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • 26” W x 13” D x 12” H