The Classic Crack of the Bat: Wood Bats

The Classic Crack of the Bat: Wood Bats

The Classics: Wood Bats

Before all of technology to hit a ball farther with the additions of aluminum and composite bats, there was only one option and that was wood. Some don't understand all of the commotion about new bats, and why they can be upwards of $400. These people opt for wood bats. The classic crack of the bat that is etched into American history is the reason people flocked to the baseball stadiums in the early 1900's.  Wood bats help revive childhood memories at the ball park, seeing your favorite player crack one of the right field wall. Whenever a player wants to connect to America's pastime, they'll use a wood bat. This is what is so great about wood. Although it seems that there cannot be that much variety between wood bats, there actually is. There are all sorts of wood that can be used in order to create a wood bat. The most popular types of wood for bats are ash, maple, bamboo, and birch. And within each type of wood, there are variances of different kinds of that specific wood. For example, maple bats can use Canadian maple, or hard maple. Maple trees all over the world are different, so making bats out of the variances will result in different production from each bat.


There can be so much creativity in wood bats. Every single bat is different, as the grain of each bat is not identical. Your wood bat is unique. People might have the same model, but it is not exactly alike. Baseball players everywhere can rejoice about this fact. Your bat will be one of a kind, and that is something special. Your name can be engraved in your bat, or you can have your favorite player's model. There's simply so much to make your bat, truly yours. Playing baseball is a lifestyle. There is so much to connect to. Whether its eating hot dogs at your favorite stadium or playing for your hometown, baseball just simply clears your mind. It brings you back to a simple time, playing ball with your best friends just for fun. Any baseball field anywhere gives this feeling. And wood bats do the exact same thing. The smell of the wood puts you back onto a field, or in a specific seat in a stadium. Hitting a ball in the sweet spot of a wood bat is one of the best feelings. There's a swift crack and then ball goes flying off the bat. There is truly nothing like it and 100% makes buying a wood bat the best decision. With all of the questions about metal bats, just keep it simple and go with wood.

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