Baseball Bat - Louisville Slugger Started It

Baseball Bat - Louisville Slugger Started It

Baseball Bat

The latest Louisville Slugger Maple Baseball Bat continues the tradition of this great brand. Why are Louisville Sluggers so popular? It all started back in 1855 when JF Hillerich had the local major league baseball team’s star player – Pete “Louisville Slugger” Browning craft his own Baseball Bat. The rest is, as they say, history. For many, the Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat just "feels right." It has the ideal weight at the end, along with dimensions. The fact is that when Pete Browning used his new Baseball Bat, he broke out of his slump. Therefore, athletes know that they will get real results with this high-quality Baseball Bat. Originally, the bat was called the "Falls City Slugger." The infamous Honus Wagner endorsed the bat back in 1905. He was the first baseball player to endorse a specific bat. Over the years, no one has seemed capable of creating a better version. There are many different Louisville Sluggers to choose from. Why do some prefer maple over other woods?

Baseball Bat Durability

Although, most modern baseball players have multiple bats, they still don't want to have their bats destroyed after one swing. The pitchers are throwing faster balls and the force at impact is quite intense, depending on the hitter. There is also the appeal of the sound of the ball being struck off the bat. Maple tends to be a denser grain and is less likely to splinter or flake. When the baseball player strikes the ball, he wants the bat to remain intact. Otherwise, you might get some funny situations where the bat flies farther than the ball. The Louisville Slugger remains the official wooden bat of Major League Baseball (MLB). The Louisville Slugger Maple Bat allows the most powerful hitters to send the ball flying into the sky and over the stadium walls. It offers durability. You don't have to change bats after every swing. Believe it or not, many baseball players are very superstitious. They might like to use their same lucky bat over and over again. With a Louisville Slugger maple bat, they can use it for a longer time. Still, they are so powerful most modern wooden bats don't really last very long. The Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat is a classic. It has been delivering impressive results for more than a century.

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