Louisville Slugger: An Excellent Company

Louisville Slugger: An Excellent Company

Louisville Slugger: An Excellent Company

There are many factors that go into choosing baseball equipment. One of these factors is what brand the equipment comes from. Every brand touts themselves as the best, but in the end it is down to your personal preference. One of these top of the line brands to choose from is Louisville Slugger. This company has a long standing tradition of creating some of the best equipment in the game.


The Louisville Slugger brand stems from Hillerich & Bradsby Company. It all began in 1855 when J. F. Hillerich opened up a woodworking shop in Louisville, Kentucky. The first big break for Louisville Slugger came in 1884 when Pete Browning, star of the Louisville Eclipse broke his bat. After Pete broke his bat J. F. Hillerich's son Bud asked Browning if he wanted a baseball bat made in his father's workshop built to his personal specifications. Pete agreed and the next game Pete had a three hit game and raved about the bat. At this time the bat company was called Falls City Slugger, but when Bud took over he changed the name to Louisville Slugger. Bud decided to make this the company's name to honor where it all started.


Louisville Slugger boasts the fact that they are an American company and their track record does the same. During World War II the company made rifle stocks for the U.S military. The patriotic ways of this company have been something they have prided themselves on and is a major reason for their overall success.

MLB representation:

When you make products this good, major league ballplayers take notice.  Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig all used Louisville Slugger bats back in the day. Not only did legends choose their equipment many pros today do as well. Some of these pros include Starlin Castro, Jay Bruce, and Buster Posey. These pros choose to use Louisville Slugger for a reason, they believed they produced the best equipment out there.

Recent News:

In 2015 the Hillerich & Bradsby Company announced that Louisville Slugger would be sold to Wilson Sporting Goods. However, Wilson has vowed to keep Louisville it's own unique branch of the company so despite the buyout the Louisville Slugger name lives on.

Why Choose Louisville Slugger:

They have been around since the 1800s and they are still making products today, that is reason enough to buy their products, but this isn't the only reason why. The pro representation stated previously in the article, the American tradition, and the sheer quality of their products is incredible. So, buy their products today from Baseball Bargains.

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