Softball Bag: Know What To Carry

Softball Bag: Know What To Carry

Softball Bag

When it comes to a softball bag, you are going to need to be using the one that fits you best. Not only do they make bags for different positions, but they also make them for personal preference. If you are looking for the right bag that fits you, you have come to the right place. Most baseball manufacturers make softball bags, as they are unisex and any player can wear them. Regardless of the gender or sport, almost every bag works for every player.  A softball bag usually fit in one of three styles, the Bat Pack, the duffel bag, and the wheeled bag. All three are acceptable ways to use a bag, but the Bat Pack and the wheeled bag are the easiest to use. They put the least amount of stress on your tired shoulder. And, don't feel like a thousand pounds when you wear them or wheel them. \

Bat Pack

The Bat Pack is the easiest way to travel with your softball gear. When you don't have an overbearing amount of stuff, this bag is perfect for you. It is designed after a backpack, the bat pack evenly distributes the weight from shoulder to shoulder. This doesn't put too much stress on your shoulder after a long game. Most bat packs have an ample amount of room in them as well. They have enough room for multiple gloves, helmet, and any other stuff you may need to play. Most bat packs have two bat holders  on the sides, but some even offer four. So, if you have a lot of bats, don't worry, they make a bat pack for you. Also, almost all bat packs have protective pockets for valuables and gloves. They have smaller pockets for small expensive stuff like phones and jewelry. Also, most use a glove protector.

Wheeled Bag

Secondly, most companies make a wheeled bag option. This is great for players that have a ton of gear, or if you are a catcher. The wheeled bags have wheels on the bottom of them for easy transport. And, the bags are a lot bigger as well. This allows for people with a lot of catchers gear to make sure they have enough room to carry all the gear. The wheeled bags are great for catchers as duffel bags are terrible on your shoulder when it comes to catcher gear. That is a lot of weight to hold up on a already tired shoulder. It will only cause more aches and pains. To prevent this, just go with a wheeled bag. Also, I have personally tried to stuff my gear into a Bat Pack, and there just isn't enough room for everything. It is a near impossible task.

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