Baseball Bag: Key To Shoulder Protection

Baseball Bag: Key To Shoulder Protection

Baseball Bag

A Baseball Bag can protect you are cause shoulder problems in the future. When you are walking to and from games, you want to be comfortable and stay loose. When you use a duffle bag that only centralizes the weight on one shoulder, it can cause your shoulders to feel weak and even have aches and pains. This is less than ideal when you are getting ready for a game or you are trying to recover after a long 7 innings. So, to fix this problem there are two solutions. As duffle bags are becoming things of the past, you can buy bat packs or wheeled bags. These bags are great options that don't centralize the weight on one shoulder, and makes your gear feel lighter. Nothing is worse than an annoying shoulder problem that keeps you out of the game. Stay healthy and get a new generation baseball bag.

Bat Pack

A bat pack is a great way to split the weight of a baseball bag onto two shoulders. With your back and shoulders supporting the weight, the bags even feel lighter. These bags are similar to the look of back packs and can even be in use in school. But, the main purpose is for baseball. These bags have a ton of room for what you will put into it. The only players that won't be able to use these bags are catchers, as the gear just won't fit. However, these bags will have enough room for gloves, helmets, bats, and any accessories you need on game day. Some bags have room inside for a helmet but some have a strap on the outside that holds the helmet. Most of the straps are pretty protective so your helmet won't get scuffed. The bags also feature a glove protector.

Wheeled Bags

The wheeled bags are another great option for players who don't want a duffle bag. These bags have wheels at the bottom and put most of the weight on the ground. You just have to guide the bag along and it is a very simple task. These bags are more for catchers or players who carry a ton of gear. Also, you can fir about five or six bats in these which is about two more than a bat pack. These bags can fit a ton of equipment in them. You can fit your catchers gear, an additional batting helmet, multiple gloves, and a ton of accessories. These bags come in two styles or sizes. There are the regular wheel bags and the team bags. The team bags are wider and have more space in them and allow players to carry gear or helmets for the team on top of their stuff.

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