Baseball Bag - Purchasing the Right One

You may be confused as to how to go about buying a baseball bag. There are very easy answers to this question. It really depends on what position or positions you play. If you are a infielder, outfielder, or pitcher, you only need a backpack style bag with a couple of bat slots on the side. These are the most convenient bags for players who don't have a lot of equipment. These bags are great when you have to walk to a field that is very far away or is rocky and grassy.  Even if you play multiple positions, this bag is still perfect for you. Now, if you're a catcher, your are definitely going to need a wheel bag to roll up to the games with or just a big team bag to carry. I would suggest the wheel bag as carrying around a bag full of gear and bats is very tough after catching a double header in 90 degree heat. But, it is up to your own personal opinion. If you play many positions and have a lot of gear to keep account for, a mid sized carry bag is great because it offers more room than a backpack bag but it isn't going to be a huge bag for catchers.

Baseball Bag Styles

Like anything else, many companies offer bags with different styles and features. The most popular bags I have seen while playing are Easton, DeMarini, and Mizuno. All of these companies give options for all different types of styles. They sell bags as back packs and wheel bags. What many companies do well, including the ones mentioned, is offer bags in many colors. These make the bags accessible to everyone who wants them to match the team colors. Also, many companies sell team specific bags which makes them a great option. It always makes a team more organized when they have the same bag. Easton bags are typically seen as backpacks but you can also see them as wheels. These bags offer great space with room for everything you need to carry. They have many pockets on them and protect all of your gear. DeMarini bags are very similar as they have many pockets and protect gear like, for example, gloves. They come in many colors and make carrying gear easier. Mizuno bags again are very similar, but do offer added bat slots on backpack bags which is great for players in wood bat leagues.

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