Easton Walk-Off vs. Mizuno Pro Batpacks

Easton Walk-Off vs. Mizuno Pro Batpacks The Easton Walk-Off Batpack and the Mizuno Pro Batpack bring to the life the latest innovations in equipment bags. Built by some of the best minds in baseball, these batpacks were constructed with the dedicated ballplayer in mind. This article will break down each batpack to help you decide the best option for you. Easton Walk-Off Batpack vs. Mizuno Pro Batpack Easton Walk-Off Batpack vs. Mizuno Pro Batpack While these batpacks is a terrific option for a ballplayer looking for more comfort and convenience, they do have several differences. The first thing that stands out about the Easton Walk-Off Batpack is the external helmet holder. Now, instead of worrying about stuffing a bulky helmet into your bag, the Walk-off batpack gives you a convenient place to store it. The fact that it is stored outside the bag keeps it from crushing other equipment or poking out the sides. The Walk-Off also comes with a compartment for cleats that is ventilated to eliminate odor. Like most batpacks nowadays, the Walk-Off comes with padded exterior pockets for valuables like cell phones and jewelry. The Mizuno Pro Batpack not only comes with the elite Mizuno craftsmanship but also a special cooler pocket. This insulated pocket will keep drinks and ice packs cold to help keep you cool on hot summer days. Weighing in at less than a half-pound, this is one of the lightest batpacks on the market. The breathable shoulder straps lets it sit comfortably on your back without restricted motion in the arms. Both of these batpacks are incredibly durable and well made. Regardless of which one of the batpacks are for you, you will be able to count on both of them for many years. Part of the process of making the batpacks more durable is to reinforce the zippers. Both the Walk-Off and the Pro Batpacks come redesigned zippers to eliminate the tearing and dragging that hurts bag integrity. Each batpack is incredibly spacious and is able to fit all of the equipment you'll need for games and practice.

Bat Sleeves

Each batpack can carry two full sized bats as well. The bats fit comfortably in pockets on either side of the bags that are built to limit movement while you walk. The pockets are non-abrasive to avoid scratching and hug the barrel securely so theres no chance the bats fall out.

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