Under Armour On Deck Roller 2 Wheeled Duffle UASB-ODRB2

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Under Armour On Deck Roller 2 Wheeled Duffle UASB-ODRB2

Under Armour On Deck Roller 2 Wheeled Duffle UASB-ODRB2

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Under Armour On Deck Roller 2 Wheeled Duffle UASB-ODRB2*

The Under Armour On Deck Roller 2 Wheeled Duffle UASB-ODRB2 gives catchers, and coaches an extremely convenient product to carry around the large quantity of equipment that they have to. Every catcher knows the struggle of getting to the field, and being a little jealous the rest of the team doesn't have to lug around catcher's gear. So, Under Armour makes sure players never have to worry about struggling to bring their equipment around again. The main reason for this is the wheels on the bag. But, the rest of the features are what make this specific product great for catchers and coaches bringing around team equipment.

Under Armour Wheeled Bag

Under Armour makes it extremely easy to organize your equipment, so the little things like your batting gloves do not get engulfed by larger pieces like a catcher's leg guards. A great example of this is the bottom loading bat compartment that can hold up to 4 bats. This is great for coaches as they are going to need more than 1 bat for the team. There is also a removable panel, so you can personalize your bag. There are upper and lower compartments to separate your different pieces of equipment. The U-shape main opening allows for players to access their equipment easily and without any frustration. Another great feature of this bag is its PTH valuables storage compartment for cell phones, and other important possessions. The side compartment can put your batting gloves, other small pieces or equipment, and other miscellaneous items. Wheeled bags also need to be durable as they will likely be dragged over rough surfaces. The treaded wheels let you go over all surfaces, and the rigid ottom with dual support rails makes sure the bottom of your bag doesn't get ripped up. To increase quality and durability, Under Armour adds reinforced pull handles and shoulder straps. With great organization skills and a durable frame, this is the bag for everyone to be at ease on the field. Come get it today!