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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Catchers Bags

Getting the most information you can before you choose your catchers equipment bag will help you select the best model for your needs.

What Makes one Catchers Equipment Bag Better Than Another?

Certain features that make one bag "better" than another are a stiff bottom, and multiple zippered compartments. A bag with a solid bottom or stiffeners will keep the bag from sagging thus lessening the chance of the bag dragging on the ground. And, the more zippered compartments in the bag, the better organized the player will be. Plus, your gear will stay in better condition if it isn't all rubbing together while transporting to and from the field. For example if you can keep your cleats in a separate compartment, the dirt on the spikes will not get on all of the gear in your bag.

What Bag do you Recommend for a Young Catchers?

One of the best bags we carry for young catchers is the Mizuno Samurai Wheeled Catchers Bag. This model is large enough to hold all of a young players equipment and provides multiple zippered compartments to keep everything organized. It is actually large enough to hold an adult catchers gear. But, it is also streamlined enough so that a young player will have no problem transporting it to and from the field.

Can you use any Baseball Bag as a Catchers?

No. Not every baseball bag is large enough to fit a complete set of catchers gear. However, there are some bags that are not designated as catcher bags that can be used by catchers.  They will need to be one of the larger player equipment bags, and you will need to pack your gear in the bag  with more precision.