Marucci Convoy Wheeled Catchers Bag

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Marucci Convoy Wheeled Catchers Bag

Marucci Convoy Wheeled Catchers Bag

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Marucci Convoy Wheeled Catchers Bag

The Marucci Convoy Wheeled Catchers Bag is one of the best bags that you can buy today. This bag is filled with features and pockets to make life easier for catchers. One of the great things about this bag is that it is has heavy duty wheels. This bag makes getting your baseball equipment and gear to the field a lot easier and more convenient. The way that it is easier is because this wheeled bag has a telescoping handle.  A lot of baseball catchers use a duffel bag but it puts all the weight on one of your shoulders. So, it can cause aches and pains with all of that weight on just your shoulder. After long walks to and from the parking lot, the last thing you want is your shoulder being stiff as you warm up. This Convoy wheeled catchers bag is an overall great choice.

Marucci Catchers Bag Features

Some features to mention about the Marucci Convoy Wheeled Catchers Bag include the rugged external wheels and the retractable luggage handle. This makes this an extremely versatile bag. You can get all of your catchers equipment and other game gear to the field in just one bag. So, if you don't feel like carrying your equipment bag you can just wheel it back to the parking lot. Also, this bag has side bat sleeves that will hold up to 6 bats. Lastly, they have 2 heavy duty molded fence hooks to hang your bag in the dugout.
  • Durable plastic fence hooks
  • Internal zipper pocket to hold essentials
  • Holds full set of catchers gear, helmet and gloves
  • Retractable luggage handle
  • Rugged external wheels
  • Holds up to six bats in side bat sleeves
  • 15"W x 11.5"D x 25"H