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Wilson Outfield Gloves

Wilson Outfield Gloves

A great outfield glove can be the difference between saving the game and blowing it, so go with Wilson outfield gloves in order to save the day. Wilson offers a wide variety of outfield gloves ranging from around $80 to $360. This way they have a glove for everyone. This variety also ensures high quality as Wilson manufactures some of the best outfield gloves. This is because of the excellent quality leather that they use for all of their different series gloves. Their more famous series like the A2000 and the A2K are favorites among MLB players. This is because of the excellent gloves that are built to last for multiple gloves. The Wilson A2000 outfield glove models are some of the most popular. While the top of the line is the Wilson A2K outfield glove model. They also differ in the general style from most outfield gloves. Wilson provides players with more structure in their gloves, making it perfect for precise fielders. If you line up a ball right there is no way you are missing it with their top of the line Wilson A2k outfield glove. With other companies, you may catch some balls that you didn't think you could, but easy catches might pop out of your glove. This is solely because of the glove structure. Other brands leave gloves slightly floppy so balls that you can't normally get just fall in. But, Wilson believes players should be precise in their tracking, so they reward players with a glove that will never fail if the ball is tracked properly. This is why their style is unique. Their top two series for outfielders are the A2K and A2000 outfield glove models. [product_tag tags="wilson-outfield-gloves"]

Wilson A2K Outfield Glove

Wilson's most prestigious line of gloves is the A2K. And, for outfielders they do not fall short of amazing. This is because of the excellent leather that they use on this series. The cut of leather that Wilson uses is home to a triple sorting process, so they provide a flawless leather that always holds its durability. Essentially, if you are buying an A2K you are marrying a glove because you will have it for as long as you need. If things start to go south, just pick up a new Wilson A2K outfield glove, and you'll be set for however long you need a glove. The Wilson A2K outfield glove requires proper handling though. If you want it to last long, you must take care of your glove. Otherwise it will fail you, but it would be your own fault.

Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove

Wilson's other premiere glove line is the A2000 which is slightly cheaper than the A2K. While some say that the leather is not quite as good, an A2000 outfield glove will also last you as long as you need it to. This is because of the Pro Stock leather that is in full use with a Wilson A2000 outfield glove. This leather is a little tougher so it is slightly harder to break in than the A2K, but this makes it last as long as the A2K if not longer. Both lines are among the tops in baseball and would be great for any outfielder looking for the best outfield  glove. Wilson outfield gloves are simply the way to go. If you want to save some money, a Wilson A2000 outfield glove is the way to go.
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