Wilson A1000 1750 12.5 inch Outfield Glove

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Wilson A1000 1750 12.5 inch Outfield Glove

Wilson A1000 1750 12.5 inch Outfield Glove

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Wilson A1000 1750 12.5 inch Outfield Glove

The Wilson A1000 1750 12.5 inch outfield glove will help a ballplayer perform to the best of their ability. When looking to purchase a glove it is important to due your research. Some things to look into are the brand of the glove and specific features of it. Using these two things you can help narrow down your search for a glove. Here is why you should consider purchasing the Wilson A1000 1750 12.5 inch outfield glove today!

Wilson Baseball Gloves

Players seek Wilson baseball gloves when they want a glove that is of high quality.  Choosing a glove from a reputable brand is essential when you want to ensure that you get your money's worth. This is because when you purchase a product from a reputable brand the product will definitely be of a high quality. Wilson baseball gloves are as good as it gets in the glove industry. With over 100 years in business Wilson has a long standing reputation of manufacturing some of the best products in baseball. Wilson has received a lot of attention from the pros because of the pristine quality of their Wilson baseball gloves. Some pros that use their products include Carlos Correa, Miguel Cabrera, and Mookie Betts. These pros choose Wilson gloves because they have had success with Wilson products in the past.

Wilson Outfield Glove

This Wilson outfield glove does not hide behind the greatness of Wilson. The Wilson baseball glove uses top of the line materials and technologies to make it one of the best in the game. This outfield glove is incredibly durable using double palm construction to maintain pocket shape and a full leather design to make it last for many seasons to come. In addition, this Wilson outfield glove has a low profile heel. This helps ballplayers get the ball in their glove, and in the end nothing is more important than that. The Wilson A1000 1750 12.5 inch outfield glove is available for a great price. So,purchase yourself this Wilson outfield glove today!

  • Rolled Dual Welting: Dual Welting in Wilson gloves goes beyond a mere cosmetic effect, as it’s integrated into the liner of each infield, outfield and pitcher's model, offering better support and helping your glove hold its shape better over time.
  • DriLex Wrist Lining: Keeps your hand dry and comfortable on the field and behind the dish
  • Bold Logos: Bold logos strip away the distractions, allowing outlined, eye-catching Wilson logos to announce a new era in the iconic story of Wilson Ball Gloves.
  • Full Grain Leather: Game ready from day one, Full Grain Leather offers a soft feel that forms to the player’s hand without a meticulous break-in process. Leather in every A1000® ball glove is formed with the outermost layer of the hide to display its natural grain and texture.
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Model: WBW101450125