Wilson A2000 1799SS 12.75 inch Outfield Glove

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Wilson A2000 1799SS 12.75 inch Outfield Glove

Wilson A2000 1799SS 12.75 inch Outfield Glove

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Wilson A2000 1799SS 12.75 inch Outfield Glove

The Wilson A2000 1799SS 12.75 inch outfield glove is a high level model from the ever popular A2000 glove line. Baseball players trying to find an outstanding glove that they will fall in love with using should look no further than the Wilson line of A2000 Super Skin Gloves.  This 1799SS model will allow players to grab anything that comes near them in the outfield during the next season. The A2000 Super Skin gloves are outstandingly tight, durable, and light. These mitts have a great mixture of top of the line leather material and man-made Super Skin. The Wilson A2000 1799SS 12.75 inch outfield glove is constructed with Wilson's Pro Stock Select Leather. The material the glove is made of is American Steerhide, which is made for ball gloves. It is a top choice for professional players. It offers player an unmatched rugged durability and feel. The glove also features Super Skin, which is twice as strong as cowhide leather. It also is only half the weight. The impeccable design of this glove gives players leather where they need it, and Super Skin in all of the other spots. Super Skin makes up plenty of the back of this glove, helping the glove miss out on too much damage. The Super Skin increases the durability of the glove. The model is 12.75 inches, and features a Dual Post Web construction. This exceptional looking mitt aspires what you desire in a glove, showing off the Wilson and A2000 logos throughout the mitt. Thus this makes it a top choice for outfielders.

Wilson Outfield Gloves

Wilson outfield gloves are some of the most popular models year after year. The Wilson sporting good products are always a reliable product, making it even more predominant of a reason for why you should get this mitt. Wilson has been around for over a century, and understands what baseball and softball players at every level want to succeed out on the field. Wilson's Advisory Staff is always looking for new ways to improve their glove, and with this Wilson A2000 1799SS 12.75 inch outfield glove, they have really created a tremendous glove. Players who really care about the game of baseball will love this gloves unmatched feel, durability, and perfect break-in. You can order this item on the Baseball Bargains website for a very competitive price too. You are guaranteed to be a huge fan of this item, so order one as soon as possible! Model: WBW1009751275, WBW1009761275