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Mizuno Gloves

Mizuno Gloves

Mizuno Gloves create an awesome feel while on the diamond. These gloves feature a sleek design that resemble what the Japanese player likes. This makes sense since they have factories in Haga, Japan. They craft gloves for all positions and all types of players. If you aren't the most serious player, they have gloves like the Global Elite. But, if you plan on playing baseball for a long time to come, the Pro Limited glove is the one for you. The price of these gloves reflects the model and type of leather, and who they intend the glove for. They have the trust of many MLB players and supply the Japanese league with gloves as well. Mizuno gloves give each player the looks on the field, as well as confidence. All Mizuno gloves are extremely durable and will last you for seasons to come. [product_tag tags="mizuno-gloves"]

Pro Limited

To start, the Pro Limited glove by Mizuno. These gloves are the best of the best when it comes to leather. They craft them out of high end Northern European Kip leather. This has a lot to do with the cost. Beside the fact that the leather is expensive, they have to import the leather out of Europe then export them to the US. It comes at a price of $599 but you will get you moneys worth. If you plan on playing baseball your whole teenage years and college, this glove will last you. And, to assure that, they have a one time restoration process. Once the glove start to wear down after many seasons, you can send the glove to Mizuno in the off season and they will restore it. This is free of charge and is apart of the wonder of the Pro Limited glove.

Global Elite

Lastly, their other great options that aren't that expensive. A lot of people aren't willing to buy a $599 glove. Which, isn't an unfair mindset to have. Mizuno understands this and have been able to craft gloves for a great price. Don't let the price catch you the wrong way, these are still great gloves. The Global Elite glove is another great glove crafted by Mizuno. This glove is $249 and is an amazing glove. Mizun0 makes this glove out of E-Lite leather. This leather is a very light and soft option for a glove. But, with that said, it will still last you for seasons to come. It won't just fall aprt either. This glove has a great ability to hold its shape and stay together in a bag. Once you break it in, the pocket will hold and the shpae of your hand will mold in nice. This is a great quality for a glove that is half the price of their top shelf glove.
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