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Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves

If you are a serious player who has a vested interest in softball, you need to find the Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves out there. You need a glove that will keep up with you on the field as well as maintain itself for seasons to glove. when you play at a high level, you play the game hard and equipment receives a lot of abuse. Many of the top companies are fighting for who has the best glove. We may not put in here which we think is the best glove, but we will tell you all about the top shelf gloves that are available today. Companies like Nokona, Mizuno, and Wilson all create top of the line gloves that serve a different purpose for different players. They make these gloves out of different leathers and craft them differently. But, they still use incredible materials for the best fastpitch softball gloves. [product_tag tags="best-fastpitch-softball-gloves" orderby="popularity"]

Global Elite

To start off this topic, we take a look at the Global Elite series by Mizuno. Mizuno is a great baseball and softball manufacturer in Haga, Japan. They search all over for the best leather possible to use for their gloves and have found a lot of success. The Global Elite line is their top shelf glove for fastpitch softball and it is a excellent glove. They make this glove more for infield players, but it can be in use in the outfield. When a ball is thrown and makes contact with a great glove, it makes a pop. This pop is one of the purest sounds in the sport. Mizuno offers gloves in the Global elite that all have this pop. Every time you have a catch or catch a ball in the game, you will hear one of the best sounds on Earth.


Secondly, out of Nokona they have the Buckaroo series. This glove is a very interesting glove, but it is their top shelf option. The Buckaroo has one of the shortest break in periods out there. It only takes a little bit of oil and a couple of catches and you are good to go. These gloves are also perfect for the game of softball. They have huge pockets, bigger than most others, and they can hang on to any ball thrown your way. This is a great feature for any softball glove as you need enough pocket to hold on to any ball. As seen many times, a lot of balls are dropped because you have to catch the ball perfectly. So, with this huge pocket, that won't be an issue anymore. At $350, it is the most expensive glove we have but you will get your moneys worth as it is one of the best fastpitch softball gloves.
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