Wilson A2000 Fastpitch H12 12 inch Softball Infield Glove

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Wilson A2000 Fastpitch H12 12 inch Softball Infield Glove

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch H12 12 inch Softball Infield Glove

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Wilson A2000 Fastpitch H12 12 inch Softball Infield Glove

The slogan for the new line of Fastpitch A2000 gloves is "Raise Your Game" and has a lot of terrific attributes in this astounding Wilson A2000 Fastpitch H12 12 inch softball infield glove, you have the opportunity to perform at new levels in the defense this upcoming season. Wilson is constantly improving the patterns of the A2000 gloves. These gloves also come made with trustworthy material and a dependable construction. All infielders who care about their sport should not miss out on this item. The Wilson A2000 Fastpitch H12 12 inch softball infield glove comes made out of top of the line Pro Stock Select Leather material. This American Steerhide material is made exactly for ball gloves, and is the preferred choice of professional players. It offers player a one of a kind rugged durability and feel. The mitt also features Wilson's Custom Fit System. This system is designed to help the glove have an optimal break-in period. The glove also will not crease, no matter how tights a player wears it on their hand.

Wilson Infield Fastpitch Gloves

This item has D-Fusion padding inside the glove, to help slow down hand sting. The padding found just below the pocket of the glove does a terrific job of taking in the shock of tough line drives and screaming throws. A Comfort Wrist Closure System is also featured in the product. This is very simple to use, and offers a protective and comfortable fit for users. The item is 12 inches, and also features an H-Web construction. The glove looks incredible as well, prominently featuring the Wilson and A2000 logos throughout the mitt and also has a conventional back. The Wilson Sporting Goods company is a reliable, trustworthy manufacturer that cares for what the players deserve and what they need, and have lasted for such a long time that it would be a mistake to pass on this opportunity. Wilson s Advisory Staff is always looking for new ways to improve their glove, and with this Wilson A2000 Fastpitch 12 inch Softball Infield Glove A20RF19H12, they have really hit the jackpot. Players who really care about their fastpitch leagues will love this gloves unmatched feel, durability, and also perfect break-in. This item can be ordered on the Baseball Bargains website for a very competitive price too. You are guaranteed to be a huge fan of this item, so order one as soon as possible! Model: WBW10043812