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Best Softball Glove Size

The position you play as well as you own physical size dictate which size glove is the best softball glove for you. Middle infielders will use a smaller glove to allow for easy exchange when trying turn a double play of just throw out a speedy runner on the short 60 foot bases. So, an 11.5 - 12 inch glove should be the size range you focus on. Outfielders will tend to go big. The largest glove that you can fully control should be your focus. Typically a 12.5 inch or 13 inch glove is what most outfielders will wear. On the hill, pitchers need a glove that allows them a quick exchange as they are infielders too, but it also should be large enough to allow you to manipulate your grip inside the glove without tipping off your pitch selection to the hitter. That is why most pitchers choose a 12 inch pattern.

No matter what glove line you prefer, say within the size guidelines we outlined above and you will end up with the best fastpitch softball glove for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Fastpitch Softball Glove

Getting the most information you can before you choose your glove will help you select the best fastpitch softball glove for your needs.

What is the best brand of fastpitch softball gloves?

Baseball Bargains carries all of the best brands. The power house glove brands are Rawlings, Wilson and Mizuno.  But, you will find some of the best softball gloves on our site from brands like Akadema and Shoeless Joe.

Are the best softball gloves expensive?

The fastpitch softball gloves made from the highest grade leathers are typically the most expensive.  However, durability may not be one of the most important factors, so the best softball glove for you may be a rather inexpensive model.

What are some of the best fastpitch softball gloves series?

There are quite a few.  The Rawlings Liberty and Heart of the hide series are always very popular as are the Wilson A2000 Fastpitch models.  The Shoeless Jane line has been in high demand the past several years. But, Mizuno makes the most different fastpitch glove series.  Their Franchise series and the MVP Prime and Mizuno Prime Elite series offer many great models at a very affordable price point.