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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Youth Catchers Helmets

Here is some additional information to help you choose the youth catchers helmet that will be the best model for your needs.

What Youth Catchers Helmet Provides the Best Protection?

All of the catchers helmets we sell are NOCSAE certified which means they all supply incredible protection. The biggest difference between the lower and higher priced catchers helmets is the durability of the interior padding and the comfort that padding provides.

Which Youth Baseball Catchers Helmet is the Most Comfortable?

This is a matter of preference, but most will agree that the All Star MVP2510 models are extremely comfortable.

How do I Pick the Right Size Youth Catchers Helmet?

If you know your child's fitted hat size, you can check the sizing of each of the helmets we offer. All of the youth catchers helmets are adjustable and will fit a significant size range. If your child's fitted hat size falls in that range, it should fit. Most models also have adjustability in the jaw pad that will allow you to provide a more comfortable fit for your child.