Evoshield Pro SRZ Solid Catchers Helmet

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Evoshield Pro SRZ Solid Catchers Helmet

Evoshield Pro SRZ Solid Catchers Helmet

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Evoshield Pro SRZ Solid Catchers Helmet

When defending behind home plate, catchers need a high quality helmet like the Evoshield Pro SRZ solid catchers helmet which will protect them at every possible angle. Its 360-degree protective design, makes it one of the safest catcher s helmets on the market. It is also one that every catcher should take out on the field with them for their next season of play. The Evoshield Pro SRZ solid catchers helmet has been designed with premium grade ABS plastic. This plastic material does a great job of keeping your head safe, upon any contact from balls, bats, runners, or the ground. It also covers just about every part of your skull. So even if you are surprised by an errant ball or bat, you will be protected. It is worth noting that this helmet meets the NOCSAE protection standard, making it available for players to use in a number of different leagues.

Evoshield Catchers Helmet

Another great feature on this Evoshield catchers helmet, is its strategic venting. Vents are strategically place throughout this helmet, helping players stay cool and sweat-free out on the diamond. Even during those scorching July and August day games, catchers will remain comfortable behind the dish. This helmet comes in two different sizes, which include a small to medium size and a large to extra-large size. That means this mask is a great choice for a large range of adult players at the catcher s position. The terrific solid color design of this mask makes it sharp looking piece of equipment. Evoshield has quickly become known as a quality brand. They have built their reputation on protecting players from injury. Catchers require an extra-level of protection from their equipment, something this company has a strong understanding of. Evoshield knows what baseball players at every level need to succeed out on the field. All catchers need to make sure they take the field with a helmet that provides them 360-degree protection this season. This Evoshield catchers helmet is one of the few helmets on the market that can guarantee that level of protection for adult players, and is truly one the safest and most efficient products around. Purchase your Evoshield Pro SRZ solid catchers helmet here at Baseball Bargains today.

  • Low profile facemask for increased vision
  • Vented shell for maximum breathability
  • Removable interior padding for easy cleaning
  • MEETS NOCSAE® STANDARD: This helmet is certified by SEI to meet the NOCSAE® standard for baseball/softball catcher's helmets
  • S/M [6 1/8" - 7 1/8"]
  • L/XL [7" - 7 1/2"]