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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Womens Catchers Gear

Getting the most information you can before you choose your womens catchers gear will help you select the best model for your needs.

Can you use Fastpitch Catchers Gear for Baseball?

If your league rules allow it, you can. But, the main reason you shouldn't is that the chest protector of the fastpitch gear does not go through NOCSAE certification and thus they do not meet the requirements of most baseball leagues. Fastpitch leg guards and fastpitch catchers helmets can be used for baseball use.

Which is Better, Jen Schro Gear or All Star AFX Catchers Gear?

Both are tops in the industry. You cannot go wrong with either set of women's catchers gear. Both offer fantastic comfort and protection. Jen Schro Catchers Gear is produced by Easton while All Star makes the AFX series gear.  Both companies are leaders in the catchers gear industry.

How is Women's Catchers Gear Different from Mens Catchers Gear?

As stated in the answer to one of the previous questions, womens chest protectors are not NOCSAE certified. The other significant difference is in the sizing of the leg guards and chest protectors of fastpitch catchers gear. The sizing is designed around the female form. The body proportions of the female body are different from that of the male body. The manufacturers take those differences into consideration when designing the lengths of the leg guards and chest protectors in womens catchers gear.