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Frequently Asked Questions About Jen Schro Catchers Gear

The most popular womens catchers equipment has been taking the industry by storm.

Why is Jen Schro Catchers Gear so Popular?

The padding and protection provided in this gear is tops in the industry. So, female catchers are both protected and comfortable behind the plate.

What do I do if one of the Pieces of the Catchers Set does not fit?

If you purchase a white or black set, you have options where you can exchange one of the pieces for a different size. If you purchase one of the other set colors, unfortunately you do not have that optoion. However, there is a great deal of adjustability in each of the pieces of the Easton Jen Schro catchers set.

Why is Fastpitch Catchers Gear Better for Women?

Fastpitch catchers gear sizing is designed to fit the female form. Leg guards are smaller than those for males. And, in the catchers sets, chest protectors are a little longer in comparison to the leg guards. This is done to match the typical proportions of women.