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One Hand Training Bat

Using a one hand training bat is  a great way to improve your swing. You can work on shoulder width, shoulder angle, hand speed, wrist strength and much more. One hand training bat can really help you swing it out of the park. Every player wants to improve their swing. Or, at least become stronger. It is possible to do both at the same time, and be able to make contact with a ball. You can hit soft toss or even minimized tossing from your coach. Rawlings and Louisville Slugger both make bats designed to be used for one hand training. Also, due to the small size of the bats, you accuracy improves greatly as well. These style of bats are a all-in-one bat and can do it all. These bats feature regulation handles so your hands can become adjusted to the handle of a real bat.

Rawlings Big Stick

The Rawlings Big Stick training bat is a top of the line one hand baseball bat. Big Stick is one of their best wood bat lines. They use some great lumber and the results show on the field. So, since this training bat is a part of the Big Stick line, you know it has to be good. A great feature of this bat is that it uses the same handle as the the Big Stick. You can get used to a great bats handle, so you are ready when the games come. This bat is 22 inches so you have to hit it on the sweet spot to hit it hard. This helps you work on your accuracy and become centralized when you swing. All pro players swing one handed bats of this quality. Centering on the ball is a key aspect to everyone's game.

Louisville Slugger Trainer Bat

The Louisville Slugger trainer bat that is intended to be a one hand training bat. measures 18 inches. So, if you are a smaller kid or you want to work on extreme accuracy, you would want to get this model. Like previously mentioned, these bats help you work on accuracy and centralizing a ball. When you centralize the ball, you hit it very hard and far in a game. One of the great features to these bats is that they can be used with two hands as well. You don't have to limit yourself to one or two drills, you can use both hands and open up limitless possibilities. Having better control over your swing is vital to your success as a hitter. You want to be able to control where you want the ball to go, and even how hard you are going to hit it.

So choose the best one hand training bat for the age of those intending to use it below.  Start improving your swing today.

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