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Mizuno Slowpitch Softball Gloves

Mizuno slowpitch softball gloves are definitely the leader in the market. They have a lot of the best models and so many great features. Not to mention, they can be seen on every TV screen when USA is playing or any college games are going on. Jennie Finch was and still is a big endorser for them. When she was playing, you could always see her pitching with a Mizuno. Also, she has a great line of gloves for youth softball players. Mizuno is a company that manufactures their gloves in Haga, Japan. They have done a great job cracking into the American market. They have a ton of athletes using their gear in baseball and softball. Mizuno did a great job diversifying by making a lot of different models and making gloves for every position. Some good models are the Global Elite and the Pro Select.

Classic Fastpitch Gloves

The Mizuno classic fastpitch glove series is a unique series of gloves. They make this glove for positions all over the field. But, they contain the same basic features. To start, it is quick to break in, but it is also very durable. They also put very deep pockets in these gloves. It is important to have deep pockets because the ball is very hard to hold onto after catching it. With the Classic Fastpitch series, it is obvious that Mizuno is making these softball gloves for players with a lot of dedication to get into the game.

Pro Select Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Secondly, for the player looking for a top quality glove, there is the Mizuno Pro Select fastpitch softball gloves. Mizuno makes the Pro Select out of steerhide leather. To give this glove an exceptional feel, they also have a Steersoft elite palm liner. It makes wearing the glove very enjoyable in the field. To speak of the leather, it is a very high quality leather that is both durable and lightweight. These two traits are very desirable in a glove and the Pro Select has it. With these Mizuno softball gloves, it is more specifically meant for infielders, but you can also use it in the outfield. You can become the difference in the game with this glove as you can scoop up any ball that comes your way.  So, be sure to check out these series and all of the Mizuno softball gloves below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mizuno Softball Glove Models

Getting the most information you can before you choose your softball glove will help you select the best model for your needs.

What material does Mizuno use in their softball models?

Mizuno uses quality materials in their gloves. The leathers used in the production of the gloves is tops in the industry.  Every glove does not use the same quality of leather.  The higher the cost, the higher the grade of leather.  However, Mizuno is known for giving more bang for your buck than the other brands in the industry.

How do you break in a Mizuno Softball Glove?

The best way to break in any glove is by using it.  However to get started it is wise to use a rubber or wooden mallet to soften the lace around the heel and the pocket of the glove.  This gives the player some mobility to be able to start having a catch.

What is the difference between a Mizuno softball and baseball glove?

Size and the depth of the pocket are the main differences between Mizuno softball and Mizuno baseball gloves. The reason is simple.  A softball is larger than a baseball.  Mizuno uses their same expertise and craftsmanship in the design and production of their baseball and softball models. So the quality is the same.