Mizuno Prospect Select 12.5 inch Youth Softball Glove

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Mizuno Prospect Select 12.5 inch Youth Softball Glove

Mizuno Prospect Select 12.5 inch Youth Softball Glove

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Mizuno Prospect Select 12.5 inch Youth Softball Glove

The Mizuno Prospect Select 12.5 inch youth softball glove is a Tartan webbed defensive juggernaut. It satisfies righty and lefty throwing infielders alike. It has wide variety of top-of-the-line features. These include:
  • Gender Engineered design
  • Full Grain Leather Shells
  • MZO Lining
  • Polyurethane PowerLock
  • Thumb Cut
  • ButterSoft Palm Liner
  • 12.50 inch
The Full Grain Leather Shell provides great durability. The MZO it s lined with disperses sweat away from the skin. In addition, the Polyurethane PowerLock lends the simplest and most secure fit available. Also, a Thumb Cut increases flexibility and makes the glove easier to close. Lastly, a ButterSoft Palm Liner includes more of the same durability, feel, and comfort. The Mizuno Prospect Select 12.5 inch youth softball glove will impress on the way to success. With these attributes, it is a glove that will also amp the game of any ballplayer. It has the power to turn a good defender into a great one. Moreover, it will transform any great defender into a pro-caliber all-star.

Mizuno Youth Fastpitch Gloves

Mizuno youth fastpitch gloves are a highly sought after commodity. Mizuno prides themselves on being one of, if not the top company in the business. Their products are are known for their advanced comfort, slick style, and consistent performance. Hence, the Mizuno Prospect Select 12.5 inch youth fastpitch softball glove is no exception. It will make any youth infielder eager to defend like a champion. With the game on the line, they will rise to the challenge more than any other player on the diamond. As a result, these Mizuno youth fastpitch gloves will also help them become the most recognized figure on the softball field. If the sky is your limit, then this glove will certainly help you reach for the stars. So buy your Mizuno Prospect Select 12.5 inch youth softball glove from Baseball Bargains today and you will be preserving your defensive reputation, your pitcher's ERA, and most importantly, your team's path to victory all season long.

  • Gender Engineered: Mizuno's engineering philosophy to maximize performance by tailoring products to meet the needs of the female athlete
  • Full Grain Leather Shell: For great durability.
  • MZO Lining: Disperses perspiration away from the skin.
  • Polyurethane PowerLock: The simplest and most secure fit available with PU pull tab.
  • Thumb Cut: Thumb area hinge to increases flexibility in order to make closing the glove easier.
  • ButterSoft Palm Liner: PU palm lining for increased durability, feel, and comfort.
  • Less 2 Lacing: Removes the last 2 lace loops on the web to increase flexibility along the closing axis.
  • Parashock Palm Pad: Mizuno's exclusive palm pad absorbs the shock of repeated use providing outstanding protection and ideal comfort
  • PowerClose™ Technology: Makes catching easy for younger players.

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