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Mizuno Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Mizuno fastpitch softball gloves are one of the most popular in the sport. They have been an industry leader in providing quality sports equipment for many years. Here is what sets Mizuno fastpitch gloves apart from the others.  There are two main reasons why a Mizuno fastpitch softball glove is what you need to make that great catch. A baseball has a 9-inch circumference and a fastpitch softball is 12-inches. You need a bigger pocket to make the great catch in fastpitch softball. In addition, the larger the glove spread, the easier it is to transfer the ball to the throwing hand. When you consider the differences between slowpitch and fastpitch gloves, there are a lot of similarities. However, fastpitch gloves have important differences. One is the length of the glove. Slowpitch gloves can be up to 15 inches in length. Fastpitch gloves on the other hand, are between 11.5 and 13 inches.

Mizuno Womens Gloves

Mizuno womens gloves are designed with a womens hand in mind.The extra glove length on a slowpitch glove can actually become a hindrance. Mizuno fastpitch softball gloves give the female athlete the amount of glove they can handle with dexterity. The female hand is smaller on average. So, too large of a glove would be difficult for the average female hand to control. Not all fastpitch softball players are women, but the woman's game is the fastest growing, most popular female sport in the world. For that reason, there are a series of models of Mizuno gloves whose design is specifically for women. Palm padding is thicker than a standard slowpitch glove, and the finger holes are slimmer. This helps to first of all, absorb the intense impact of a hit ball in the fastpitch game. In addition, it allows the female hand better glove control. Most slowpitch gloves are either large models better suited for a larger male hand, or unisex models using the standardized one size fits all approach. However, Mizuno fastpitch softball gloves are specifically for the womens game. Fastpitch gloves are specifically designed to help you make that great catch every time. Mizuno womens gloves are made under rigid quality guidelines, and they're the glove you need on your hand to make the great catch. 

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