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Easton Thunderstick

The Easton Thunderstick training bat is a worthy investment. Not only will it help you improve your technique, it will help you hone your swing in a way that will make it much easier to choose the bat that best fits it. Buying a new bat can be difficult, to say the least. The last thing you want to experience is buyer's remorse. Not only are you stuck with a bat you don't like, you feel an obligation to use it because you've spent a pretty penny to acquire it. It all starts with the right swing. The Easton Thunderstick training bat almost forces you to swing correctly. It has a one-inch barrel. You use it to hit plastic golf or wiffle balls, in soft toss or off a tee. The golf and wiffle ball training helps you to focus. It develops hand eye coordination. The training with a Thunderstick will do wonders to help you square up the baseball in game situations. That's what makes it such a great tool for warming up before facing live pitching.

Thunderstick Training Bat

It's greatest value though is its enduring usefulness. It will not only help you perfect the mechanics of your swing, but it will also help you create the muscle memory needed to be consistent at the plate. The art of hitting is based on repeating the mechanics help you make consistent contact. If you can consistently make good contact using the this training bat, you can easily make good contact hitting a baseball, even those delivered by a hard throwing pitcher.As a result,  it makes real baseballs look enormous. The Easton Thunderstick training bat comes in two sizes. The T11 youth model has a one-inch barrel, is 30 inches in length and weighs 26 ounces. The T10 adult model also has a one-inch barrel, but it's length is 33 inches and it weighs 37 ounces. It is an effective training tool for both aspiring and accomplished hitters. You'll repeatedly hit the ball on the sweet spot after practicing with the Easton Thunderstick training bat.

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