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Easton Batting Helmets

Easton Batting Helmets are a great way to stay safe and have confidence in the batters box. These helmets will block out all the shock and pressure coming from your head. You can get struck and still be able to play because these helmets will be able to avoid a concussion. Not to mention, these Easton helmets are very comfortable to wear. They all have great padding on the inside and they block out a lot of the sweat. Most of the helmets have a lot of ventilation so you can avoid over heating. Easton batting helmets are a perfect way to stay off the DL.

Easton Helmets with Facemask

Easton has been making a lot of helmets but now only do two styles. They have helmets that come with the facemasks on them, and they have helmets that don't come with cages but they can connect to one. Softball helmets have a wider side view because they don't have to worry about a ball getting through the side view. In baseball, the ball is much smaller and they have to worry about that. So, the side view is a little bit more restricted but it is not much of a problem. The cage is great if you have been hit in the face or have a slight fear of being hit in the face. It always gives you the piece of mind that you have a ton of protection.

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