Easton Baseball Helmet Extended Jaw Guard

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Easton Baseball Helmet Extended Jaw Guard

Easton Baseball Helmet Extended Jaw Guard

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Easton Baseball Helmet Extended Jaw Guard

The Easton baseball helmet extended jaw guard provides that added protection that will help instill confidence in the batters box. The days of the cumbersome face mask being attached to the batting helmet are over.  Increased vision and a lighter add on is what makes this protective piece more attractive than the face mask. The Easton baseball helmet extended jaw guard is available for either right handed or left handed batters. The jaw guard is made of light weight impact resistant thermoplastic. It is available in twenty colors.  This creates an enormous amount of color combinations when combines with the many Easton baseball helmets that are compatible with this jaw guard. You can keep it simple or create some flash to your helmet design.  There are also two unique designs with an army camo look or USA stars and stripes look.  

Easton Batting Helmet C-Flap

The Easton batting helmet c-flap gives the batter protection for the cheekbone. It mounts easily with supplied hardware. There is no drilling or adhesive required.  No other company offers such a wide array of options to protect the hitters jaw.  This helmet appendage was born out of necessity after Giancarlo Stanton was struck in the face while he was playing for the Miami Marlins.  Since the first design, the helmet c-clap has exploded.  Every helmet manufacturer has created a jaw guard design that fits their helmets. This Easton baseball helmet extended jaw guard is what one of the industry leaders has designed to fit theirs. See below the list of models that this easton batting helmet c-flap was designed to fit.

  • 20 Colors
  • Provides extra protection on the side of the helmet facing the pitcher.
  • Offered for left-handed or right-handed batters.
  • Impact resistant thermoplastic
  • Fits PRO XTM, Z5 2.0™, Z5TM and ALPHA Helmets in all sizes, eliminating the need to drill any holes
  • Includes color matching hardware and an extra snap screw for attaching chin strap on top of Extended Jaw Guard
  • Left Hand Batter - A168517LHB
  • Right Hand Batter - A168517RHB