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Easton Batting gloves help many players control their bats better, They also help to eliminate the sting when hitting the ball. This is particularly true for young players just learning the game. It also help players who do not play often. In addition, their batting gloves can also protect hands when making aggressive slides into a base. Many players wear them under their mitts to keep perspiration from building up. The also provide addition padding to help deaden the impact of a thrown or batted ball. However, many players find it difficult to buy a new pair of batting gloves. 

You want a comfortable fit. Batting gloves that are too tight cut off the blood flow to your fingers which will definitely affect your swing. They will also tend to rip. Gloves that are too loose will allow the bat to move in your hands. This defeats the purpose of wearing batting gloves in the first place.

Easton VRS Batting Glove and Other Models

Most Easton batting glove models offer a leather palm allowing players outstanding grip while remaining comfortable. Furthermore, they also offer four way breathable zonal flex on every joint and knuckle assuring that the Easton batting glove never gets in the way of the player's natural movement. In addition, the wrist is constructed of durable neoprene that is breathable. Youngsters playing t-ball can find a batting glove made especially for them made with a special synthetic fabric made to protect tender hands. They also have an adjustable wrist strap so that players can adjust the fit as they grow throughout the season. Players can also choose Easton VRS batting gloves. These gloves have special palm pads increasing grip while dissipating up to 76 percent of the shock of hitting the ball.

Players will feel more confident at bat when they are wearing a pair of Easton batting gloves. Start by choosing the correct size, and then choose the materials meeting your desires the best. Be sure to check out all of the Easton batting gloves available on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Easton Batting Gloves

Step to the plate with the best batting gloves for your needs.

What Are The Best Youth Easton Batting Gloves?

When it comes to young players, the most popular choice of is the Gametime VRS series. The VRS, vibration reducing system, has extra padding in the spots that receive the vibration of the bat when a player doesn't make contact with the sweetspot. This eliminates the stinging feeling young batters hate.

Do Pros Wear Easton Batting Gloves?

Many pros wear Easton's gloves at the plate. The high quality leather and the large variety of color options appeal to the MLB players.

How Do You Size Easton Batting Gloves?

Easton batting gloves run pretty true to size unlike companies like Mizuno that tend to run a little on the smaller size. So if you have been using a pair of Evoshield, Nike or Under Armour batting gloves, the size of the Easton models will match up nicely.