Easton Youth Z7 VRS Hyperskin Batting Gloves

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Easton Youth Z7 VRS Hyperskin Batting Gloves

Easton Youth Z7 VRS Hyperskin Batting Gloves

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Getting to the Little League World Series is a special experience for any young baseball player. Only the best of the best youth players get to perform on this stage. When the Little League World Series endorses a product for their event, little league coaches and parents should pay attention. For example, these Easton Youth Z7 VRS Hyperskin Batting Gloves have been selected as an official sponsor of the Little League World Series. When watching the games on television this year, look closely. You will see a few of these batting gloves on the hands of young sluggers. These are a great pair of gloves, that can help hitters achieve great things, and here is how. The Easton Youth Z7 VRS Hyperskin Batting Gloves making gripping the bat super easy for young players. The gloves have a tacky goatskin leather palm, that will help ensure that the bat rarely ever goes flying out of the hands of your young hitter. On the back of the gloves is a design that kids will go crazy for. This product has a very cool looking and exclusive BASECAMO back of hand design, that will leave all their friends jealous when they see it. Also on the back of these gloves is Flexible HYPERSKIN LYRCA, that has fused silicone. This material adds structure to the batting gloves, while allowing them to remain super flexible. Young players will also have no issue finding the perfect glove fit for their still developing hands. The item features a LOCK DOWN strap with a 30mm neoprene band and branded pull tab. Thanks to this strap, young players will no longer be complaining about their batting gloves being too tight or loose. This product is available in youth sizes of small thru large. There is also a Youth XL size, but it only comes in all-white or all-black coloring. Some of the nation s most knowledgeable youth baseball minds have determined that the Easton Youth Z7 VRS Hyperskin Batting Gloves are the perfect item to help young hitters succeed on the biggest stage in all of little league. Now you have the opportunity to get these gloves for your young player too, and watch all the amazing things they can accomplish in them. Order today!