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DeMarini Composite Wood Bats

DeMarini Composite Wood Bats pave the way for the next generation of bats. It is the perfect transitioning tool between aluminum and wood. A typical DeMarini Composite Wood Bat incorporates its composite, two-piece construction in a way that mimics the sensation you'd feel when squaring up a ball with a metal bat. But at the same time, you will also be able to experience the traditional "crack of the bat" feeling and sound wood bats are known to produce. Additional features that DeMarini Composite Wood Bats consist of include:

  • BBCOR certification
  • Approved for play in Short Season A and Rookie Ball
  • Composite handle
  • End loaded barrel

    BBCOR Wood Bats and Composite Bat Legality:

    With BBCOR certification comes a safer field of play for all involved. Moreover, with a BBCOR bat, you have to work harder than you would with a BESR. You can take a lazy hack at a pitch with a BESR and still see the ball fly over the outfielder's heads. But with BBCOR, you must hone in your mechanics and form to let the bat take care of the rest. Especially a composite bat that's legality depends on the league you are playing in. Bottom line, if you are in a wood league where composite is fair game, there's no reason you should swing anything but. 

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