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BBCOR Drop 3 Bats

The fast and powerful BBCOR drop 3  bats can give you the best control and swing you'll ever find. A bat should be an extension of your arms. When facing a fast pitcher you need your bat to react as quick as you. It's BBCOR certified, meaning that it is regulated and legal in most leagues but doesn't compromise its ability to drive the ball out of the park.

BBCOR Bats features

BBCOR bats are for high school, college and adult play, so they are extremely popular. There are several criteria a BBCOR drop 3 bat must meet before it can made available for sale. A bat cannot have a "trampoline rating' over 0.50, and a barrel diameter no greater than 2 (5/8)". The trampoline rating measures the pop a ball has when leaving the bat. For those super sluggers, a BBCOR bat with those specs can really give you that extra edge over the competition. Next, the "drop 3" refers to the length to weight ratio. For example, If a BBCOR drop 3  bat is 31 inches in length, it will weigh 28 ounces. No matter which combination you purchase, the weight distribution will keep the bat balanced and strong. The drop three rating is the highest a BBCOR bat can have within legal limit. With more material per inch, that ball will soar when you make contact. In addition, BBCOR bats are all made out of composite and or metal alloys. Designed to flex, the metal alloy wraps around the ball to create a whipping motion. When you hear the ping from this bat, you'll know its going the distance. Made from the best products and put together for the ultimate performance these BBCOR bats will make you a top contender in all leagues. But a bat's most important qualities don't just cover the barrel. The grips on BBCOR bats are very durable and give you a comfortable hold on the bat. So, visit Baseball Bargains website and leave with one of our BBCOR drop 3 bats today! 
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