Softball Bats: Choosing the Right Bat

Softball Bats: Choosing the Right Bat

Softball Bats: Choosing the Right Bat

Choosing  fastpitch or slowpitch  softball bats can be a very difficult process. When Choosing a bat there a many factors to consider. These factors include Size, weight, material, and look. Although look is the least important for performance, it is important to like every aspect of your bat.


The size of your bat is arguably the most important factor when choosing yourself a bat. One rule of thumb as far as finding the right size for you is place the bat parallel to one of your legs, it it reaches the middle of the hip that bat is most likely good for you. Also, talk to local experts as they likely know what is best for you as far as size is concerned.


Weight is a very important aspect when choosing a softball bat. When a bat is too heavy it can impede a player's ability to catch up to a harder throwing pitcher. A bat that is too light can hurt a player's ability to get a lot of power behind the ball and a bat that is too light can throw off a hitter's mechanics. As far as what the right weight is for you it really is based off of the length. For a high school softball player most leagues have the standards set somewhere between a -8 and a -11. So when sized for your length you simply find the correct weight based on your leagues restrictions. However, some lighter players may have to change their preferred length to find the right weight for them.


The two most common materials bat manufacturers use are Aluminum and Composite. One of the biggest benefits of using a composite bat is composite is a lighter material than aluminum which allows a composite bat to have a bigger barrel. Also, composite bats have a lot less of a sting when hitting the ball. Aluminum bats tend to be better for higher level softball players as they do not need the increased size of the sweet spot as much. And of course the look of the bat is all based on preference for each individual player. So, the next time you are in the market for a softball bat make sure to remember these parameters and pick the best softball bats possible for your success.  

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