Slowpitch Softball Bat: How To Pick The Right One

Slowpitch Softball Bat: How To Pick The Right One

Purchasing a Slowpitch Softball Bat

Slowpitch Softball has seen an exponential growth in popularity throughout the country, bat manufacturers are working tirelessly to provide players the best options for his or her different league, hitting style and preferences. Slowpitch Softball Bat's come in a variety of models including composite, alloy, hybrid composite/alloy or, very rarely, wood.

In the game of slowpitch softball, their is an extensive amount of rules and regulations that players need to be aware of. Gain a thorough understanding of your league when selecting a softball bat. For example, ASA softball bats does not have permission for use in USSSA Softball play and vice versa. However, there are a number of manufacturers that produce bats with a dual stamp. You have permission to use these bats in this case. Also, the level of play makes a difference as well. For example, senior league softball bats are only allowed in senior league play so it is important to know which league you are playing in and what that league does and does not permit before purchasing a new slowpitch bat.

Styles of Bats

The great thing about most metal slowpitch bats are the barrel size. The barrels are huge and allows for the hitters to hit the ball harder. You hit the ball harder because the sweet spot is a lot bigger on the bat. Also, you have a better chance of hitting it hard because of the expanded sweet spot. Easton makes an awesome slowpitch bat as it is apart of the s50 series. They uses a composite metal and you can drop a bomb with this bat. When you make solid contact, the ball flies off of this bat. All players look good when they use the Easton S50.

DeMarini makes a very cool steel bat for slowpitch softball. This bat is a monster when it comes to hitting. It isn't actually made out of steel, but it might as well be. This bat has unreal pop and the ball is practically bunted for a home run. Also, the durability of this bat is crazy as well. A lot of slowpitch bats die because of the hollowness of the bat, and the types of metals that are used. In this case, it takes a lot of hit balls for it to die.

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