Rawlings Velo Adult Leg Guards vs. Under Armour Converge Adult Pro Leg Guards

Rawlings Velo Adult Leg Guards vs. Under Armour Converge Adult Pro Leg Guards The Rawlings Velo Adult Leg Guards and the Under Armour Converge Pro Adult Leg Guards are two of the most innovative leg guards on the market today. Each of these elite quality leg guards comes assembled by some of the greatest hands in the baseball industry. Under Armour and Rawlings have both become legendary names as a result of their incredible craftsmanship and design. The creation of some of the finest catchers equipment for the past several decades has made each a trusted name for serious backstops. In the case of these two pairs of leg guards, Rawlings and Under Armour has each managed to step up their game. However, one of these leg guards is probably more suited to individual players than others. In this article, we break down the pros and cons of each model and how they match up against each other head to head. Rawlings Adult Velo Leg Guards vs. Under Armour Converge Adult Pro Leg Guards Rawlings Adult Velo Leg Guards vs. Under Armour Converge Adult Pro Leg Guards The  Rawlings Adult Velo Leg Guards and the Under Armour Converge Adult Pro Leg Guards combine some of the finest craftsmanship in the industry with some of the most innovative designs around. The resulting protection, comfort, and style that each player will have at his disposal is part of the experience that make both of these leg guards elite. Starting with the size, both of these leg guards measure 16.5-inches in length. The 16.5-inch size is ideal for adult catchers looking for optimal protection.

Size & Fit

Although often overlooked, the size and fit of leg guards are of the utmost importance. The size and suitability of the fit determines how much protection players gets. The fit also ensures that the leg guards do not shift. Unwanted shifting during games or practice leaves the fragile bones of the shin and foot open. This exposure can lead to contusions and other serious injuries. As long as the leg guards fit, the special padding comes designed to surround and protect the legs. It is hard to find a flaw in the padding of either one of these leg guards. Each one comes with features that enhance comfort. The comfort is caused by the way that each of these leg guards is shaped around the leg. Both of these companies have used their decades of experience to create the optimal padding structure for the athletic leg. The padding not only surrounds and comforts the leg but also absorbs almost all of the impact. Whether protecting you from a bat, ball or poorly aimed spike, the padding in these leg guards is second to none. I would give the slight edge in this case to the Under Armour Converge Adult Pro Leg Guards. This is because of the heat exchange technology built right into the padding. This special technology takes the warm air created from summer days or excessive movements and "exchanges" it for cooler air. This technology helps keep players from overheating while behind the plate. Another additional comfort measure put in place by these too great companies is moisture management. The padding is not only very functional and comfortable it also actively manages the moisture content in and around them. The moisture management technology built into these leg guards actively wicks moisture away from the skin and pants. Sweat and moisture often builds up underneath traditional catching pads, especially on those hot summer days. With these leg guards and their Pro-Dri technologies, that problem essentially vanishes. In this category, there is no clear favorite. Most players should expect to be satisfied with each's ability to keep them dry. The Rawlings Velo Adult Leg Guards come constructed with a triple-knee design. The triple need structure is quickly becoming the standard for elite catchers gear. The Under Armour model, while it does not have the triple knee design, does come with the complete and flexible protection. Proprietary padding and a special ClutchFit Harness make for one of the most unique and player-friendly fits in all of amateur baseball.      

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