Mizuno Samurai Adult Catchers Sets | SAMSETA vs. Allstar System Seven Adult Baseball Catchers Sets | CKPRO1

Mizuno Samurai Adult Catchers Sets | SAMSETA vs. Allstar System Seven Adult Baseball Catchers Sets | CKPRO1

Catchers Sets: What to Expect

Mizuno Samurai Adult Catchers Set SAMSETA vs. Allstar System Seven Adult Baseball Catchers Set. Finding the perfect catchers sets for you can be a challenge. Every player has different needs, and different equipment budgets to work with. Here we take a look at two of Baseball Bargains top selling catchers sets. The sets come from Mizuno and All-Star, two of the biggest names in the baseball equipment industry today. Both have a up a strong reputation for being reliable catchers equipment distributors. Also, they now have plenty of trust in the baseball community. The sets that compare are the Mizuno Samurai adult catcher’s set and one of All-Star’s top-end System Seven catchers sets. Both sets are great ways to go. However, there is a considerable price difference between the two. With that being the case, let’s give you a breakdown of the two sets. This will help decipher which set better meets your personal player and budgetary needs. Both sets here feature high quality catchers helmets. For example, the Mizuno Samurai Adult Catchers Set | SAMSETA, you get a G4 helmet, that comes with a unique new design. The helmet features a strategic ventilation system. Because of this there is extra comfort and breathability. Also, Mizuno gives you a strong steel framed mask for maximum protection and durability. With the Allstar System Seven Adult Baseball Catchers Set | CKPRO1 you receive the MVP2500 Mask I-Bar Vision steel cage. This mask has a high impact resistant ABS plastic shell with increased forehead thickness, a backplate designed to keep the snaps on, and a breathable machine washable 3D mesh padding liner.


The G3 Chest Protector that comes with the Mizuno Samurai set offers a DryLite inner liner and Low Rebound Technology. This protector will help you stay dry and sweat free on the field, while also allowing you to do a better job of keeping blocked balls in front of you. The All-Star System Seven set has a CP30PRO chest protector, uses lightweight and extra-thin material with a wedge shape for abdominal padding that's purpose is to deaden the ball on impact so it falls right in front of the catcher to keep aggressive baserunners at bay. The protector also has exclusive internal moldable PE protective plates that are included around strategic areas of the torso and forms around a player’s body the longer its worn. Mizuno’s G3 Leg Guards are built to be quite flexible, and offer protective triple knee cup. They also include Mizuno’s patented detachable K-Pad for a superior fit and critical knee protection. All-Star’s LG30SPRO leg guards offer enlarged perforated padding that interacts with a specially ventilated shin, and encourages proper circulation of air while protecting vulnerable areas of the leg from unwanted stress. The Mizuno Samurai catchers set should be a high performer in most adult leagues. However, if you are looking for next level catchers sets, and are willing to pay a little bit higher of a price, the All-Star System Seven set is a great selection. Check out these two sets on our Baseball Bargains website today!

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