MLB Helmets: Top Of The Line

MLB Helmets: Top Of The Line

MLB Helmets: Top Of The Line

Protection always comes first in any sport you play. Baseball can be a very dangerous game with pitchers throwing at very high speeds and balls flying all over the field. This is why it is essential to wear protective gear on the field. Now, this does not mean wear everything and be uncomfortable on the field. This means wear what is necessary to stay safe, while staying comfortable. One piece of equipment every ballplayer should wear is a batting helmet. Batting helmets help absorb the impact of a pitch hitting your head. When purchasing a batting helmet you need top purchase something that is top of the line. There are many MLB helmets available on our site that are at the same level of the pros. These helmets mainly come from Rawlings.


The Rawlings brand has simply withstood it all. They opened their doors in 1887 and have been one of the top companies ever since. It is pretty remarkable that they have been able to last through the Great Depression, World War I, World War II, and many other American hardships. However, them being able to stand through it all is no coincidence. They have been able to withstand it all because they are a great company that manufacture great products. Due to the high quality of their products many pros have chosen Rawlings to provide them with their gear. Some of these pros include Francisco Lindor, Giancarlo Stanton, and Yadier Molina. If these pros choose Rawlings then why not you?

MLB Helmets: 

Rawlings 90MPH Clear-Coat Alpha-Sized Batting Helmet: Priced at $54.95. This helmet is built to withstand pitches up to 90mph. This is why it is considered pro level. With an Enhanced ABS plastic shell this helmet is incredibly protective.

Rawlings CoolFlo Single Flap Batting Helmet CFSER: Priced at $29.95. This helmet has a single flap design, this is so it looks like the helmets the pros use. Using a Pro CoolFlo design this helmet is great to keep you cool during the long Summer months.

These MLB helmets are the same caliber as those offered to the pros and a great to stay protected on the field. The worst thing that can happen to a ballplayer is serious injury, especially to the head. This is why you need yo purchase an MLB caliber helmet today. We have a great selection of them right here on the Baseball Bargains website.

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