Batting Helmet: How to Choose

Batting Helmet: How to Choose

A batting helmet is one of the most neglected aspects of a ballplayers equipment. It is also one of the most critical in keeping them healthy and confident on the field. Shop for a batting helmet now.

Choosing the right batting helmet

Choosing the right batting helmet is an integral part in equipping ballplayers of all ages. With the proper equipment, you can keep them on the field and comfortable while they play. Outside of professional baseball, double ear-flap helmets are the standard and the majority of amateur leagues. They require protection from both sides of the helmet. It is important that players, coaches and parents understand the regulations of individual leagues. Mizuno MVP G2 Two ToneThe most important characteristic to consider when choosing a batting helmet is the fit on your head. Improved padding in today’s modern helmets creates comfort. While many are treated with special moisture wick fibers that help keep players dry through strenuous play. With a drastically improved feel compared to the helmet’s of yesteryear.  Players are able to focus more on the way a helmet sits on the head.


In that regard, the helmet should fit snug without squeezing the temple regions and the forehead. An easy way to see if a helmet fits correctly is to test whether or not there is any movements, however subtle, when a players head is turned from side to side. Any shifting resulting from quick movements at the plate or on the base paths can leave a player’s head exposed. This can result in potential serious injury. The best way to choosing the right fit when selecting a helmet online is to take a measurement of the circumference of a player’s head from the widest point. Helmet sizes coincide nicely with head and hat sizes in order to make it simpler to choose the right helmet without trying it on before hand. It is important for players and parents to understand the way a helmet is supposed to protect the head and how critical the proper size is to providing ample protection. The batting helmet is not something that should be spared. Any expense as the effectiveness of its construction can be the difference between serious injury or a free base. Players and coaches should look for helmets made from impact tested plastic ideally of the ABS variety or a polymer that is molded into an extra-strength design. High-density foams are also a must have when choosing the proper helmet due to the fact that it creates a formidable distance between the outer shell of the helmet and the fragile parts of the head.

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