XProtex Raykr Protective Batting Gloves RAYKR

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XProtex Raykr Protective Batting Gloves RAYKR

XProtex Raykr Protective Batting Gloves RAYKR

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XProtex Raykr Protective Batting Gloves | RAYKR

If you have ever been put out of commission by taking a fastball on your hand, then you know why the XProtex Raykr Protective Batting Gloves is a necessity for the serious ballplayer. The Advanced Impact Composite material deadens the impact of a wild pitch. This helps to seriously reduce the chance of an injury that could put you out of commission. In addition, the flexibility of the impact material of these Xprotex batting gloves along with the strategic placement on this batting glove gives you freedom of movement and piece of mind at the plate. Stand in the box with confidence when you are wearing the Raykr from XProtex. As a result, you will perform your best. The technology of these batting gloves deadens the impact of a 100 mph pitch to that of a 40 mph pitch. This significant reduction turns a break into bruise. So, you are not knocked out of commission when you get hit on the hands. Anyone not using these batting gloves is putting themselves at unnecessary risk of injury. They may cost a little more than conventional batting gloves. But, if these Xprotex batting gloves keep you from serious injury just once, you will agree, they are well worth their price ten fold. The price difference is definitely less than the cost of your insurance co pay. Xprotex batting gloves have been the rage since they landed on the market a few years ago. Any equipment that helps keep you on the field playing the game you love belongs in your equipment bag. Plus, nobody likes pain. So, safe yourself or your child from experience unwanted pain or injury. Get them a pair of XProtex Raykr Protective Batting Gloves.

Xprotex Batting Gloves

  • Advanced Impact Composite material protects small bones in the hand
  • Protects back of hand, wrist and pinky
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Deadens impact of 100MPH to the equivalent of 40MPH
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Manufacturer 30 Day Warranty