Wilson Youth Pro Stock Leg Guards

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Wilson Youth Pro Stock Leg Guards

Wilson Youth Pro Stock Leg Guards

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Parents and coaches now have the opportunity to give their young catchers Major League quality leg guards. The equipment from the new collection of Pro Stock Catcher s gear are the official protective gear of Major League Baseball. With these Wilson Youth Pro Stock Leg Guards, you get a pair of leg guards that are major league strong and comfortable. But these are in a size that accommodates kids. If your young player has a serious love for catching, you need to get them this product. Here are some of the biggest reasons why.

The Wilson Youth Pro Stock Catcher s Leg Guards come in a size of 14.5 inches. You can also find intermediate and adult sizes of this item on our Baseball Bargains website. You can order the guards in one of four fantastic looking color designs. Color options include black, navy, royal, and scarlet. With these guards, comes overlapping thigh pieces. With so much of a young player s lower body covered by these guards, they will truly experience an ultimate level of protection. And that s something parents and coaches of kids can really be happy about.

There is also inner padding on the item, which protects the knees and shins of the catcher during blocking. This padding is also removable for washing. Not only is this an extremely safe item for kids, but a very comfortable one for them as well. There will be no more whining from young catchers about their leg guards feeling uncomfortable. These guards are filled with perforated foam, which gives the product maximum breathability. On hot days, catchers can look forward to their legs feeling cool and sweat free.

The guards are also great, because they give youth catchers the chance to experience a great lightweight feel on their legs, as the product gives catchers an increased mobility level behind the plate. The Wilson company is remarkably able to accomplish this, without giving up any durability or level of protection in the product. The Wilson Youth Pro Stock Leg Guards can be found right here on our Baseball Bargains website for a very ideal price tag. So, order now!