Wilson Ball Bucket A3948

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Wilson Ball Bucket A3948

Wilson Ball Bucket A3948

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Wilson Ball Bucket A3948 Features:

The Wilson Ball Bucket A3948 is one of the largest buckets on the market today. This ball bucket is made for both softball and baseball, storing up to two dozen softballs or five dozen baseballs. The bucket also has a snap on cushioned lid. This allows use of the bucket as a seat. The ball bucket is made of durable plastic, giving you the strength to last the long grueling seasons. The bucket will make it easy to carry the baseballs or softballs to batting practice and games. One of the most familiar sights in any level of baseball involves this ball bucket right here. Whether you are playing little league or taking in a spring training game in early March, you will undoubtedly see at least one grown man perched upon this bucket. Obviously, his dress and surroundings can be drastically different depending on the level. One thing will remain a constant, however - the need for a place to sit in the middle of the grass or dirt. A common need is weary legs during practice. Causing a coach or player to take up the bucket as an impromptu resting place while he watches the proceedings. The bucket is often used as a comfortable alternative to your knees while throwing soft toss. It offers the perfect height for lobs made from the protection of an L-Screen. When the lid is not on the Wilson Ball Bucket A3948, it also forms the goal for one of the most beloved, unofficial games in the history of sport. Ball bucket basketball. Young or old, athletic or painfully awkward, the ball bucket has beckoned all manner of ball player with it s welcoming, white basin calling from afar. Thousands if not millions of poorly aimed baseballs and softballs are able to strike, glance off of or painfully smash into this bucket over the course of many seasons with little damage to show for it. Short of throwing this bucket out of a moving car it should last you a great number of years. The baseballs and softballs inside are of course the highest quality. This is assured by the Wilson logo branded between the seams.
  • Durable plastic bucket
  • stores 2 dozen softballs
  • 5 dozen baseballs
  • snap-on cushioned lid