Wilson Intermediate Pro Stock Chest Protector

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Wilson Intermediate Pro Stock Chest Protector

Wilson Intermediate Pro Stock Chest Protector

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Wilson Intermediate Pro Stock Chest Protector

When safety is a priority, comfort does not have to be an afterthought.íë_? Those are the words the Wilson Sporting Goods company uses to describe their new Pro Stock Catcher s Gear. And when looking at all the Wilson Intermediate Pro Stock Chest Protector has to offer, you realize how true that statement really is. This item is built strong, and is designed to protect every part of a catcher s upper body. And young developing catchers will not have to fret putting on the protector, because it is comfortable to wear. Here is why every intermediate level catchers should own this Pro Stock item.

Well it comes made with high quality memory foam, which helps reduce ball bounce. Balls will never get to far away from you during games, when you are knocking down pitches with this protector. This Wilson Intermediate Pro Stock Chest Protector also has angled pads, which block the ball straight down. Keeping the young catchers wearing their items safe, is a top priority of the Wilson company. The protector has internal PE plates in the throat, collarbone, and sternum area, for added player safety.

If an ball does get above the glove of the catcher using this protector, they will likely remain harm free. The perforated foam in this item really sets it apart comfort wise. This foam makes the item extremely breathable and comfortable to play in. Even in the most uncomfortable of weather conditions, this protector will allow you to stay relatively sweat free. Players can also get excited about his model s molded removable shoulder caps, which provide catchers with an increased amount of mobility.

Wilson Chest Protector

The protector also has a gunmetal finish metal hardware construction. The intermediate sized version of this protector comes in a size of 15.5 inches. This protector will not weigh you down while you operate around home plate, and as a result you will be quicker and more mobile than ever. The item comes in four different color options, giving customers plenty of choices in customizing the protector to their liking. Having all these color choices is great for the giving catcher s the chance to match their gear with the colors of the team they play for. Do not feel forced to buy an uncomfortable chest protector, just so you can feel safe. With the Wilson Intermediate Pro Stock Chest Protector, nothing needs to be sacrificed. All young catchers should take advantage of this great product now!