Wilson A500 12 inch Youth Baseball Glove

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Wilson A500 12 inch Youth Baseball Glove

Wilson A500 12 inch Youth Baseball Glove

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Wilson A500 12 inch Youth Baseball Glove

The Wilson A500 12 inch youth baseball glove is one of the premier selections from the Wilson A500 line. Serious young baseball prospects, need a fielding glove that will live up to their high expectations. Wilson s line of A500 mitts are the delightful choice for the youth looking to become elite on the diamond. The A500s are the featherweight all-leather gloves that s specialty is how light they are. This allows defenders to move their glove hands at lightning fast speeds. These mitts are also amazingly flexible, and will provide young players with an opportunity to make every defensive play.

Wilson A500 Baseball Glove

It is a prominent choice for young players that play all over the field. This product comes constructed out of soft top grain leather material. This material gives users a comfortable glove feel, while still having a light glove for quick movements towards the ball. The mitt also offers real leather laces. These laces are tough and sturdy, and also outstandingly durable. The item also comes with a Double Palm Construction, which keeps the stability of the glove at a maximum and keeps it wrinkle free. With the Rolled Dual Welting in this item, thin strips of Pro Stock leather are skived slim and rolled to provide a long-lasting glove shape, and a shorter break-in period. The item is 12 inches, and features an Pro Laced T-Web construction. The glove looks awesome as well, prominently featuring the Wilson and A500 logos across the mitt. This wonderful baseball glove comes from the Wilson Sporting Goods company whose stable products for over a century make it a easy option when purchasing sporting goods products you desire to obtain and succeed with. Wilson s Advisory Staff is always looking for dynamic ways to improve their glove, and this Wilson A500 12 inch youth baseball glove is some of their most precious work. Youth players who really care about the game of baseball will love this gloves unmatched feel, durability, and perfect break-in. You can order this item on the Baseball Bargains website for a very competitive price too. You will definitely be a huge fan of this item. So, order the Wilson A500 12 inch youth baseball glove as soon as possible! Model: WBW10090312, WBW10090412