Wilson A2000 1975 11.75 inch Infield Glove

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Wilson A2000 1975 11.75 inch Infield Glove

Wilson A2000 1975 11.75 inch Infield Glove

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Wilson A2000 1975 11.75 inch Infield Glove

The Wilson A2000 1975 11.75 inch infield glove is a model made for professional defense. Choosing the right glove for you is essential to your performance. This is why many people look for a glove that is at the same level as the pros. There are gloves that are great, but very rarely can you get the same glove as a professional ballplayer. However, the Wilson A2000 1975 11.75 inch infield glove allows for just that. This glove is manufactured to model the model previously used by Carlos Correa. This is one of the best gloves out there and any serious ballplayer should consider purchasing it.

The Wilson Gloves Brand:

When looking to purchase a glove it is important to purchase it from a reputable brand. This is because when you purchase a product from a reputable brand the product is sure to be of a high quality. Wilson is one of the best brands in the game of baseball. Since 1913 Wilson has provided consumers with continued excellence and because of this the pros have taken notice. Juan Soto, Ozzie Albeis, and Vlad Guerrero Jr are just a few of the pros that use Wilson gloves on the field. Anyone on the market for a glove should consider Wilson.

The Wilson A2000 Infield Glove

The Wilson A2000 1975 11.75 inch infield glove will not disappoint. Some features of the glove include it is made out of pro stock leather, it has a dual post web, and it has dual welting. The Pro Stock American Steerhide leather help make the glove very durable and it provides a player with a great feel. The dual post web helps secure the ball. Lastly, the dual welting makes the pocket shape long lasting and very durable. We have this glove available for purchase right here on the Baseball Bargains website. So, purchase yourself a Wilson A2000 1975 11.75 inch infield glove today! Model: WBW1009701175

  • Rolled Dual Welting: is integrated into the liner of each A2000 model. It offers better support and helps the glove maintain it's shape better over time.
  • Flat Finger Binding: gives players who prefer to play with a finger outside the glove great comfort and control in the field. It reduces the amount of space between your finger and the back of the A2000 glove.
  • Pro Stock Leather: is preferred for it's durability and unmatched feel
  • DriLex Wrist Lining: Keeps your hand dry and comfortable.
  • ComfortPro Fit: Featuring Wilson's ProLux Leather, the liner of the A2000 has a richer, softer feel against your hand. The Comfort Sleeve conceals the binding in the wrist for more comfort than ever before.
  • 11.75 inch infield model
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