Wilson A2000 1785SS 11.75 inch Infield Glove

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Wilson A2000 1785SS 11.75 inch Infield Glove

Wilson A2000 1785SS 11.75 inch Infield Glove

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Wilson A2000 1785SS 11.75 inch Infield Glove

You need to consider the Wilson A2000 1785SS 11.75 inch infield glove to be your next purchase. When in the market for a glove there are many things to consider. It is very important to look into what brand the glove comes from and how the glove will help improve your performance. This Wilson 11.75 inch infield glove is a great glove that should definitely be in your equipment bag. Here is why you should consider purchasing this Wilson A2000 infield glove.

Wilson A2000 Gloves

Wilson A200 Gloves have been the choice of the best players for generations. When in conversation about the best baseball brands it is impossible not to mention Wilson. Wilson has been in business for over a century and they continue to manufacture great products. Wilson is an American company based out of Chicago, Illinois and they make products for a multitude of sports. They found there knack in the game of baseball mainly manufacturing gloves and apparel. Wilson A2000 gloves are widely considered the best in baseball and many pros choose to use Wilson products. Some of these pros include Juan Soto, Clayton Kershaw, and also Vlad Guererro Jr. Anyone on the market for a new glove should consider purchasing one by Wilson. This Wilson A2000 1785SS 11.75 inch infield glove will be turning heads on the diamond this season.

Wilson Infield Glove

This Wilson infield glove looks great and performs great as well. With the tri tone look this glove stands out on the field. The black lacing baseball stich on the post web has a nice contrast look with the copper glove that is accented with white welting and stitching. This Wilson A2000 glove is very durable and it also has a great feel. This is because the glove uses top of the line American Steerhide pro stock leather as a frame. This Wilson A2000 11.75 inch frame makes this glove fit for the middle infield and third base. The I web also lends itself to the middle infield as the web allows dirt to escape easily which lets the fielder get a firm grip on the baseball. This A2000 11.75 inch model is also a great glove for a very competitive ballplayer. We have this Wilson infield glove available for purchase right here on the Baseball Bargains website. So, improve your game, start making some of the best plays of your life, and purchase yourself a Wilson A2000 1785SS 11.75 inch infield glove today!

Model: WBW1000981175