Under Armour Genuine Pro 12" Pitchers Glove UAFGGP-1200DS

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Under Armour Genuine Pro 12" Pitchers Glove UAFGGP-1200DS

Under Armour Genuine Pro 12" Pitchers Glove UAFGGP-1200DS

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Under Armour Genuine Pro 12" Pitchers Glove UAFGGP-1200DS

The Under Armour Genuine Pro 12 inch Pitchers Glove UAFGGP-1200DS gives pitchers a glove that they can rely on game in and game out. This is because of the superb quality that Under Armour produces when crafting this glove. The 12-inch design is perfect because many pitchers play other positions as well. So, having a glove that could fit multiple different positions is necessary for a pitcher's glove. Under Armour is one of the best brands when it comes to innovating products and that is truly seen with the excellent design of this series. Pitchers need a glove that they will not have to worry about it failing them in field. A pitcher's glove is a pitcher's best weapon on the field besides their ability to pitch. Come prepared to your battles on the diamond with the best weapon you can have.

Under Armour Pitchers Glove

A glove's leather is what provides it with its comfort, performance, and structure of the glove. The Japanese tanned steer hide shell of this gloves supplies you with unmatched durability that will allow you to play absolutely tenacious on the field. This is because you know that your new glove has your back. Everyone wants to be able to be able to use their new glove as quickly as possible, so Under Armour features premium cowhide palm and finger linings. This will help your glove break in faster. The premium grade U.S. tanned leather provides players with a glove that will not lose its shape. Over time the lacing on your glove may get loose and your glove may become floppy. This is not the case with your new pitcher's glove. The premium lacing stays strong throughout the lifetime of your glove, so you can be happy with your glove for as long as possible. The dual spine web creates a unique design that fits perfectly with the black and cream color scheme. This means that your glove not only performs well, but also looks great for you on the field. There are no weak points in this glove and that should put enough trust in Under Armour to provide you with your next glove.