Under Armour Flawless 11.75" Infield Glove UAFGFL-1175SP

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Under Armour Flawless 11.75" Infield Glove UAFGFL-1175SP

Under Armour Flawless 11.75" Infield Glove UAFGFL-1175SP

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Under Armour Flawless 11.75" Infield Glove UAFGFL-1175SP

The Under Armour Flawless 11.75" Infield Glove UAFGFL-1175SP gives middle infielders an excellent option to be able to succeed on the field. The glove is the most vital tool to infielder. Their ability to snag quick hops and have fast hands relies not only on their ability, but is also enhanced by their glove. To fit all the needs of fielders, Under Armour created this glove and series with them in mind. This is a brand that has overcome large obstacles like infiltrating an athletic apparel market dominated by others like Nike. Their success in that market shows their ability to come into new markets and appeal to customers. To be able to get into new markets, you need expertise. Under Armour did this by adding a team of experts that has more than 50 years of experience in the glove design market.

Under Armour Flawless Infield Gloves

The features of a glove are truly what make it an outstanding piece of equipment. Under Armour gives players the right solution with the construction of their glove. Only the best leather will suffice for great players, so Under Armour constructs their Flawless series gloves with the top 5% Japanese Tanned Leather. This increases the durability of the glove, so you can play hard and not worry about your glove falling apart. Under Armour wants their players to not only succeed, but dominate. They add the world-class Pittard's leather palm lining to reduce the stings that come with the game. This allows you to be fearless on the field. The glove technicians at Under Armour extensively hand shape the mitts to create the perfect balance between comfort and long-lasting performance. This only adds value to the glove on the field. Whatever task Under Armour takes on, they succeed. This is because they offer unmatched value with their products, so their customers are always satisfied. Come get your great new mitt today at our website!