Under Armour Fastpitch Softball Helmet Facemask UABH-FGS2

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Under Armour Fastpitch Softball Helmet Facemask UABH-FGS2

Under Armour Fastpitch Softball Helmet Facemask UABH-FGS2

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Under Armour Fastpitch Softball Helmet Facemask UABH-FGS2 Features:

The lightweight Under Armour Fastpitch Batting Helmet Facemask UABH-FGS2 includes cutting edge I Bar Vision. It is effortlessly attachable, while featuring a low-profile design. The helmet is not a deterrent by any means. It will not interfere with any player s swing regardless of their bat speed or size. Fastpitch batting helmets provide protection. This face mask enhances the safety factor. Back in the day, youth players often hesitated to wear face masks. Now, with superstar sluggers like Giancarlo Stanton and Jason Heyward demonstrating the importance of having the utmost protection and comfort at the plate, young pros in the making are rushing to the stores and cleaning out the facemasks off the shelf. With this facemask for under armour softball helmets you will no longer have to fear an errantly thrown inside fastball pelting you. Additionally, you will be provided optimal vision unlike any other facemask before.

Under Armour Softball Helmets Facemask

There is always some negative stigma that is attached to facemasks. Perhaps it is natural for athletes to question there own and other s manliness but at what cost? If you are at all nervous about the very real possibility of a baseball hitting you in the face - you need this facemask. It is not something that has happened to every player - not even close. Some players will go their whole careers without taking a bat or ball to the face. But some players it happens to three, four, even five times. In rare cases, players an recover from being struck in the face depending on the severity. But what most often happens is they develop the yips. The yips are a mental affliction that affects athletes in every sport. The yips come in many forms but those that get them at the plate tend to experience a slight twitch or flinch as the ball gets close. Seeing as the average hitter only has about four tenths of a second to make a decision on a pitch - this can be very bad for your batting average. So, purchase this face mask for your Under Armour softball helmets today.
  • Attaches effortlessly
  • Low-profile lightweight design
  • I bar vision