Shoeless Joe 1175HW 11.75 in Baseball Glove

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Shoeless Joe 1175HW 11.75 in Baseball Glove

Shoeless Joe 1175HW 11.75 in Baseball Glove

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Shoeless Joe 1175HW 11.75 in Baseball Glove

Want a glove with a great simple design, that will not break the bank. The Shoeless Joe baseball company can help. This Shoeless Joe 1175HW 11.75 in Baseball Glove features the company s famous old school baseball appearance, and is built strong and tough too. The design of this Shoeless Joe 1175HW 11.75 inch Baseball Glove is fantastic. It features top of the line leather material, that intentionally looks old and worn down. However, the glove has a brand new feel brand.

Breaking in the Shoeless Joe 1175HW will be an easy and quick process. There will be no need for a mallet or steaming in order to break it in. This glove will feel terrific and game ready on your hand in almost no time. This glove is 11.75 inches in size, and comes with an H Web design. With those characteristics it is ideal for use in the infield. In particular it is ideal for use at third base. However, you can take it out to the outfield and flash some serious leather.

Shoeless Joe Gloves

The Shoeless Joe 1175HW is available for both right handed and left handed throwers. There is nothing overly flashy about this baseball glove, but who says that s a bad thing. It has an "Old School" look. The combination of the look with the soft feel out of the wrapper gives the impression that the glove has been in your bag for many seasons. That is a rare attribute for a glove to have. Most high end gloves come out of the wrapper with a very stiff and rigid feel. You think that it will take years to get those gloves game ready. So, if you want a straightforward, simple, and inexpensive glove that gets the job done in the field, this is the glove for you. Order now!